XS Lifestyle - Sovereign Classic TrueMen®: We the Restless Spirit Sovereign Born and Continuously Evolving Sovereign Masculine Species™

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XS Lifestyle

The Sovereign Realm Classic Truemanhood masculine citizenry encompasses those who have not attained dual-view spiritual freedom them being Ascending Classic TrueMen and those who have attained it and ascended to sovereignty and continuous evolution of psyche.
It is all about mental strength required to break the chains of humanity of religions and traditions of soullessness, hyenasm( like hyenas, using religion, the act of eating fellow humans alive), self-righteousness, carnifexsm( the act of religiously hunting and butchering humans), and Torquemadasm( religiously butchering your human victims and sending them screaming to your god as sacrificial lambs). Ascending Classic TrueMen are in the process of breaking those chains and Sovereign Classic TrueMen have broken them and ascended to soveregnty and continuous evolution of the pscyche.
By wearing the jean, the suit and the cologne from  Sovereign Banna Classic, and Barena Sovereign, as a Sovereign Classic TrueMan and Ascending Classic TrueMan, not only are you stating your individualistic sovereignty and collective individualistic sovereignty of the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, but are saying to the world “ I’m no Hyena Carnifex Torquemada”, which is to say, you don’t with glee and utter soullessnness religiously and traditionally eat your human victims alive( like a hyena), hunt and butcher them, then send them screaming to your god as sacrificial lambs of the blood and soul.
Exclusively for Ascending Classic TrueMen and  Sovereign Classic TrueMen,  the Sovereign Classic TrueMen’s Company sovereign lifestyle brand group XS Lifestyle , through its menswear, accessories, and personal care products brands encompassing Sovereign Banna Classic  and Barena Sovereign , ensures that the Ascending Classic TrueMan and the Sovereign Classic TrueMan wears  and  smell his unique individualistic sovereignty, and sovereign realm collective individualistic sovereignty.

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