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The Sovereignty and Divinity of Sovereign Real Women...

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© instagram 2021: Their Sovereign & Divine Ladyships: Lady Violet Raseboya,
Lady Connie Masilo(Ferguson), Lady Basetsana Makgalemele(Khumalo), and Lady Simphiwe Dana

The Sovereignty and Divinity of Sovereign Real Women, as recognised, upheld and defended by Sovereign Classic TrueMen, against hyena carnifex torquemada mere-males and females.

In the Realm of Sovereign Humanity, and thus the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, cold hard provable facts, together with reason, are everything, thus religious and cultural claims and hearsays are lets say, treated as what they are truthfully are; individuals claims and hearsays purporting to be divine or ancestral commandments, with the claiming agent being the sole receiver and witness of the claims, with an added commandment(s) of “ thou shall not question”,  to make sure the claims commandments, especially when they are evil, are not questioned, for holy beautifully, the blood must flow and souls devoured.

What has become clear over the ages, is that dictatorial hyena carnifex torquemada mere-males,  in there quest to dominate everyone and anything, and to feast on human misery, pain, blood and souls, of their victims(human), as was of old, and as is still the case today,  will dream their god(who like them, feast on human misery, pain, smell of blood and souls), to legitimize their innate dictatorial ways and evils. Indeed, in this age, to hyena carnifex mere-males, there is nothing more holy beautifully and soul fulfilling, than state legislated holy evils, such as dehumanization and human hunting and butchering.

Someone once remarked, that human societal groupings inventions, such as religion and culture, “create and natures weakness of the psyche, of simply followers, supplicants, beggars and soulless self-righteous hyena carnifex sycophants, forever in “god” (your god is not everyone’s god, so stop forcing him or her upon people, after all religion is not a fact, but a claim or hearsay) and ancestors we trust.”

The foundation of this world-wide and borderless Realm of the Sovereign, of the human masculine species, is built upon scientifical measurable and verifiable facts, reason, unconditional love and compassion, and the upholding and defending of the sovereignty, sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity and life of every single human being on earth. The realm's morals stem and flow from its citizens innate unconditional love and compassion, and the recognition, defending and upholding  of the sovereignty, sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity of every single individual human being of Sovereign and Divine Mother Earth. This then means that, the sovereigns of the realm, are innately( by their innate unconditional love and compassion) forbidden to do anything that will harm another  human being's humanity, mind, body and soul.

Religious and cultural hearsays, of hyena carnifex torquemada humanity,  of religions and traditions of hypocrisy, cruelty  and blood, are not our concern, for human beings, since the invention of them religions and traditions, do dream their god(s) and ancestors,  in order to legitimize their evils of hunting and butchering their fellow human being, so as to feed their souls on their victims misery, pain of being denied humanity and death, and souls.

Through the studies of physical anthropology, primatology, archaeology, paleontology, neurobiology, ethology, linguistics, evolutionary psychology, embryology and genetics we know for a scientifically provable fact how the known universe and humanity came to be. Indeed, through the above mentioned scientific disciplines, we are 110% sure that no super being or deity is responsible for the evolution of life on earth and ultimately the human race.

You hyena carnifex torquemandas, in all your hypocritical and bloodthirstiness splendor, can scream all you want, but the fact remains, that the studies mentioned above, have proven human evolution beyond doubt, except the human evolutionay tree, which is being slowly factually constructed.  The reason of  your refusal to accept it, is that, if you do, how will you then justify your evils, through which you feast on your human victims misery, pain, blood and souls, as is you god(s). Don't tell us that you will dream or prophesize, as was the modus operandi of your hyena carnifex  torquemada  founders of your religions and traditions of hypocrisy and blood. Please don't. To settle the matter once and for all, kindly scientifically prove the above mentioned scientific studies findings otherwise/wrong.

By all scientific observations, measurements and evidences of the cosmos and the ongoing birth and death of galaxies, stars and solar systems, women are the undisputed incarnations of Sovereign Divine Mother Universe Herself, as far as human reproduction (life takes hold and incubated in a woman’s womb and nurtured naturally through her breasts, just like the galaxies Pillars of Creation and their star nurseries) is concern. By what we just mentioned, women establish their Divine Sovereignty Supremacy over the masculine species, and we Sovereign Classic TrueMen secured in our Sovereign Truemanhood and needing no hyena carnifex torquemada weakling mere-males created religious and cultural doctrines and rituals, and the controlling and owning of women bodies and souls to grant, validate and , sustain our Sovereign Truemanhood, recognise, uphold, defend and worship Divine Women Sovereignty, which stems from their incarnation of Divine Sovereign Mother Universe on earth.

Now, never forget or underestimate the cunningness and ruthlessness of the chiefs of hyena carnifex torquemada humanity, for in their cunningness that is beyond measure, they are continuously interpreting their holy books of hypocrisy, blood and dominion, to suit any situation and to legitimize any evil they want to commit, for the blood must flow and souls devoured (by them and their god(s) and ancestors).
To them, measurable and verifiable scientific facts, reason, unconditional love and compassion, and the sovereignty of the sacrosanct and inviolable human being’s humanity, is an abomination of abominations, and they will dream their god and prophesize in an instant like of old, in order to religiously and culturally dehumanize and gleefully cold bloodedly murder you.

As Masculine Sentient Beings of facts, reason and truths based on scientifically verifiable facts, we knowledge that science is currently unable to establish the cause of the Big Bang (the instant of the outward expansion from a single point in space, with one of the evidences of its occurrence being cosmic microwave background radiation), and we, the citizens of  the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood,  being spiritual beings, believe that there was a higher power intervention(and so we hope), and that higher power doesn’t need an agent nor indulge in holy embodiments of evils as outlined in hyena carnifex torquemada soulless males written holy books of blood(such as dehumanization, stoning, beheading, slavery, raping, torture and cold blooded murder of the flesh and soul(feasted upon as holy ambrosia by worshippers and god(s))).

Indeed, as Sovereign Classic TrueMen, our religion, thus our God, is unconditional love and compassion and the sovereign, sacrosanct and inviolable humanity of every single individual human being on this very earth. Our virtues or morals are rooted in this God, which means for instance, we can’t lie or cheat (we can’t be emotionally and sexually unfaithful to the lovers of our souls (couples in serious relationships that will definitely lead to marriage) or mate of our souls (married couples in rock solid marriages))) for that will harm the souls of those the denigrations are being told about, and the souls of our partners, kill, steal, sexually violate any human being, do corruption of any form, dehumanize and kill using religion or culture for these are human inventions invented by evil human beings with the sole aim  of legitimizing their evils of dining on their human sacrificial lambs misery and souls(this is the epitome of evil and only the soulless and self-righteous in religious evil hyena carnifex torquemadas of humanity are the gleefully practitioners of it), etc.

The primary point here is that, as far as the sovereignty and divinity of the human female species is concern, weakling hyena carnifex torquemada dictatorial mere-males, created their religions and traditions, primarily to feed their mere-malehood, which require the lessening and domination of women's bodies and souls for existence and validation.

Once upon a time, a real women, secured in her Sovereign and Divine Womanhood, truthfully observed that weakling hyena carnifex torquemada mere-males created their hypocritical and evil religions to among other designs, steal women’s sovereignty and divinity, and we agree, especial I the Black Republican.

Really, how can you be superior to someone who is 75% responsible for your existence (the sperm and the egg contribute equal chromosomes that are required to form the zygote (50%/2 and the other 50% in human reproduction is by the female, if you can’t understand that, then go figure)? Women that are lucky to have a father that is a Sovereign Classic TrueMan, know that they need no male to build a roof over their children’s heads, nor put food on the table and cloth them. They can do all of these things by themselves. All they need is protection from weakling hyena carnifex mere-males,  for mere-males specialize in both murdering women,  body and soul.

Now, it is evidently clear that the sin of the human female species with all its superiority on the creation of life (human reproduction and nurturing) over the male species is low testosterone, nothing else.

We Sovereign Classic TrueMen know as fact, that the religious and cultural indoctrinated and perceived human masculine species superiority over the female species is solely based on higher testosterone, thus brute force, nothing more, nothing less.

As Human beings, we trace our lineage through our mothers, specifically  through that which only them can give us; the mitochondrial DNA, and so we bow and worship them, and all Sovereign Women, as Sovereign Divinities of Life, for they are the undisputed Divine Sovereign Mother Universe incarnations on this very earth. We Sovereign Masculine Species secured in our Sovereign Classic Truemanhood can never nor assume superiority over them( Sovereign Women and Mothers).
Raw, un-edited for grammar,  flow of thoughts and emotions of the Sovereign Classic TrueMan, to show his perfect-imperfect restless spirit humanity.

By the Black Republican
( not of religions and traditions of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty and the hunting and butchering of human beings)
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