Sovereign Classic TM Publishing - Sovereign Classic TrueMen®: We the Restless Spirit Sovereign Born and Continuously Evolving Sovereign Masculine Species™

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Sovereign Classic TM Publishing

Sovereinly Publishing the Sovereign Masculine Species Sovereign Life
The Publishing House of the Sovereigns
Through the Sovereign Realm primary publications Sovereign Classic TrueMen (international edition) and Afroverus Sovereign Banna Classic ( South African Sotho/Zulu edition) the Sovereign Publishing House delivers the Realm Sovereign Life and the Ways Sovereignly Honourably living it, and its exclusive Sovereign Lifestyle.

Importantly, through the publications and Originus TV & FM’s standalone programs such as The Forum Sovereign Classic TrueMen, SolemnDeSoul, Spirit of Living, and Soulamor, matters that concern humanity’s future, and morality are solemnly discussed.

Complementary publications such as Vir Triunphalis, Triumphator and Maverik celebrate trailblazer Sovereign Classic TrueMen who are conquering and those have honourably conquered the world as ruled by soulless and self-righteous hyena carnifex humanity.  
The Publication of Sovereign Ultimate Masculanity: Sovereign Classic TrueMen
The magazine publication, both digital and printed-to-order, delivers the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood and its Sovereign and Continuously Evolving Way of Life (sovereign traditions, spirituality, dignitas, and family life(innate spiritual fatherhood) & Lifestyle( work, play, and sovereign masculinity fashion and grooming).

Its content among others includes : The Forum Sovereign Classic TrueMen|Brothers of the Sword| Spirit of Living| Soulamor| SolemnDeSoul| Maverik | DUOSGTL|Sovereign Classic Home & Sovereign Cribs |Soulamor | Living Well(health & wellness | The TAP|Via Triumphalis | Triumphator| The Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood( the Codex & Sovereign Traditions)| and Hall Sovereign Classic TrueMen.
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