Soul and Citadel of Sovereign Traditions - Sovereign Classic TrueMen®: We the Restless Spirit Sovereign Born and Continuously Evolving Sovereign Masculine Species™

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Soul and Citadel of Sovereign Traditions


© instagram 2021 & the individual owners of images: Terrell Joseph & John Stephenes

To crystal clearly understand the Rudder System and the Steering Gear of Morals of  the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, one needs to understand how we Sovereign Born Fathers( our fatherhood is not blood based, but rather spiritual, thus we are fathers at the level of the soul) raise our children.››› Locked

© instagram 2021 & the individual owners of images: Tumelo Mmusi & Shaun Blokker

Since of old, tyrannical hyena carnifex torquemada males created gods and religious doctrines that will enable them to legally feast on their human victims minds, misery, pain, blood and souls. The tread continued with the creation of the god of Abrahamic religions, for the feasting on human misery and souls must continue. In a world ruled by soulless and hypocritical hyena carnifex torquemadas, it is a must, that families of humanity of unconditional love and compassion, form a protective circle, around those family members, who are sport and sacrificial lambs of hyena carnifex torquemadas to their god(s).››› Locked

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