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Generational Grouping of Sovereign Classic TrueMen

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When we talk of the classification of Classic TrueMen of the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, we talk of those whose manhood (not genitalia) has/have passed the Sovereign Classic Truemanhood Muster in accordance with the Codex SOLA's Sovereign Classic Truemanhood. As expected, only the few of the human male species does pass the muster, and thus can be called Sovereign Classic TrueMen. The Codex states that a fully matured Sovereign Classic TrueMan is the one who is fully over 27yrs, that is to say 27yrs plus one day.

Grouped age wise, Classic TrueMen (Ascending or Sovereign) of the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood:

1.  Juventio Classic TrueMen: 24 to 26( bahlankana/amabhungu/men of full blown youth)
2.  In-Prime Gravitas Classic TrueMen: 27 to 49( bo-abuti/izinsizwa/men in their youthful prime)
3.  Gravitas Silver Black 50 to 59( bontante/obaba/dads)
4.  Gravitas Silver 60 and over( abamnumzane/izimpunga/the greyheads/the wise)

Having been raised by Gravitas Silver Classic TrueMen, young men between 24 and 26 who show extraordinary maturity and pass the SOLA’s Sovereign Codex Classic Truemanhood muster are honourably inducted into the fellowship In-Prime Gravitas (27 to 49 age range).
That which we hold it true: the Trinity of Sovereign Classic Truemanhood:

1.  Humanitatis( the humanity of a human being encompassing unconditional  love and compassion)
2.  Dignitas and the
3.  SOLA's Sovereign Codex Sovereign Classic Truemanhood

We Sovereign Classic TrueMen derive not our Truemanhood from the body of a woman or the domination of her. No. we don't, but rather from our shared humanity, masculinity, dignitas and tasks performed in accordance with our raw masculinity and dignitas. In the realm of Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, a woman is a Sovereign Queen Goddess the incarnation of the Sovereign Queen and Goddess Mother Universe Herself of whom all that was, is and to be life on earth sprang from.

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