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Evolution & Ascendancy

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When we Brothers of the Sword of Life speak of evolution and ascendency of members of the masculine species, we speak of the breaking of the chains of mental slavery in the form of man created religions and traditions of hypocrisy,  hatred, cruelty, the stripping of the minorities of their humanity, human hunting and butchering and dominion.

Concerning the Brother of the Sword, being a sovereign man of raw masculinity and reason( guided  by facts) , strong on-self and ruling his own life, he creates his own traditions, basing them on the sovereignty, equality, sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity of a human being and unconditional love and compassion. Compared to hyena mare-males whose thinking is done by their traditional, religious and political hyena demigod rulers, a Sovereign Classic TrueMan does his own thinking with facts for reasoning is at the core of his thinking. The idea of kowtowing to another human being or subjecting himself to that human being is indeed an abomination.

We Sovereign Classic TrueMen rule ourselves and we don't derive our happiness and reason to live from hatred, cruelty, misery, pain and death of others as hyena mere-males of religions and traditions of hypocrisy and blood do.

As the born evolved and continuously evolving, petty concerns of devolving humanity are no longer our concern, thus we are not the so called conservatives, hardliners, liberals or neoliberals. No we are not any of those but born Sovereign Classic TrueMen of Raw Masculinity (which needs no religion or tradition for validation). Our religion, tradition and God is our dignitas, the sacrosanct and inviolable humanity of a human being and unconditional love and compassion.  

Born evolved and continuously evolving, we are alive, thus we question and doubt for dictatorial weakling hyena  humanity of religions and traditions of blood being spawn of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty and bloodthirstiness are cunning and ruthless in his craft.

Sovereign Classic Truemanhood can’t be learned. It is either in your bones or it is not (you are either a weakling soulless religious and traditional hyena sycophant or a tool or you are not). During adolescence, Sovereign Classic Truemanhood can be supplanted by hyena  parents of religions and traditions of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty and bloodthirstiness. If a male which was raised a mere-male evolves to Sovereign Classic Truemanhood,  that means from birth, his Sovereign Classic Truemanhood was in his bones (it was just supplanted at growing up).  To be resurrected, Sovereign Classic Truemanhood must have been in one’s bones.

They can have a trillion PhD’s, but hyena mere-males can never be of wisdom for it’s only the strong on-self sovereign men who being of facts can reason. To be of wisdom, one must be factual and be of reason (using facts). Accepting no stock answers, you must question and doubt everything for you are alive.

Mere-males can’t reason, for to reason, working with facts you must question and doubt. As tools of their religious, traditional and political supreme hyena carnifex torquemada demigod rulers, all questions have been removed from them. To them, facts together with questions are abominations; as such their thinking is done by their rulers.  Instead of being of wisdom they are of the cunning minds, soulless and ruthless in defence of their religious and traditional rights of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty, the stripping of people of their humanity and human hunting and butchering (those who are their sport, sacrificial lambs and holy ambrosia).
Tranquil, our Sovereign Classic Truemanhood stems from our raw masculinity (which needs no traditional or religious rituals and doctrines for validation), dignitas and task performed. Of our shared raw masculinity, we use it to protect the weak from soulless hyena mere-males of religion(s) and tradition(s) of blood, who being spawns of hypocrisy, malice and cruelty, are hunters, butchers and devourers of human beings who are not like them or not one of them.

Guided by our unconditional love and compassion and the sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity of each and every human being on this very earth, our word is iron thus once uttered pays no attentions to hyena mere-males religious and cultural doctrines of hypocrisy, hatred, cruelty and bloodthirstiness.

To ascend to Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, the one who has been turned into a mindless and soulless hyena butcher and devourer of human beings must break the chains of mental slavery and reclaim his sovereignty. To show that he has ascended and that he is alive, he must be of reason, questioning, doubting and accepting no stock answers. At the core of his dignitas there must be unconditional love and compassion for to him the humanity of each and every human being is sacrosanct and inviolable thus he fight against the taking away of his fellow human being’s humanity and their religious hunting and butchering.

Of mere-males, because of their weak minds and souls, with their thinking being done by their soulless hyena carnifex dictator rulers, to feel masculine or like a real man, they need their rulers to ratify their mere-maleness which they call “real manhood” through the creation of traditional/cultural doctrines and rituals whose main purpose is to indoctrinate that real manhood is derived from the dehumanization of women (women being lower in humanity than them because of testosterone) and dominating them(women) body, mind and soul . Their hyena soulless masters of cruelty and dominion must declare them real men otherwise if not declared so, because of their weak minds and souls they view themselves not real men which in truth, even after such declarations have been uttered they remain mere-males for they were born mere-males.

A Sovereign Classic TrueMan is neither religious nor traditional rather Sovereignly Spiritual and Sovereignly  Traditional, creating His Own Traditions (based on the sacrosanctity and inviolability of a human being’s humanity, unconditional love and compassion, honor, duty (humanity (in unconditional love and compassion), country, family, and mate or lover of his soul), and the eating of the fruits of his sweat)).

We who are strong on-ourselves thus sovereign need nothing of those petty things for when our souls were roaming the cosmos we were Sovereign Classic TrueMen and before our souls took hold of our bodies after birth (the first breathing) we were Sovereign Classic TrueMen, and now that we are grownups, we are the epitome of Sovereign Classic Raw Masculinity or truemanhood and shall remain so when our souls rejoin the cosmos.

by Sovereign Brothers of the Sword of Life
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