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Don’t be a religious human being for the religious are specialist hyenas


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Don’t be a religious human being, for the religious are specialist carnifex hyenas, gleefully hunting, butchering and feasting on their victims souls alive.
This Sunday as we solemnly review the deeds of our consciousness (mind & soul), as Sovereign Human beings of Unconditional Love and Compassion, we are reminded of holy evils, committed with glee, by those who beat their chests, declaring themselves god fearing, while like hyenas eat alive those who they have declared non-human in their religious crusades of human hunting and butchering for in the name of their God(s) the blood must flow and souls devoured as holy ambrosia.  

Indeed we live in a world whereby in the name of God and traditions, there is no evil to small or too great to commit, thus don’t be of religion for the religious like hyenas, specialise in eating their victims alive or in  hunting and butchering them so as to offer them to their God(s) as sacrifices of blood and soul.  Be a spiritual sentient being of unconditional love and compassion so as to uphold and defend the Sovereignty, the Sacrosanctity and Inviolability of the Humanity, Life and In-Love of every single individual human being on this very earth.

As Leto II remarked to Moneo in God Emperor of Dune, "Religion always leads to rhetorical despotism, It leads to self-fulfilling prophecy and justifications for all manner of obscenities, It shields evil behind walls of self-righteousness which are proof against all arguments against the evil, It feeds on deliberately twisted meanings to discredit opposition, It leads directly to hypocrisy which is always betrayed by the gap between actions and explanations. They never agree, and Ultimately, it rules by guilt because hypocrisy brings on the witch hunt and the demand for scapegoats." Thus be aware.

The Buddha once said, “ Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and life of service and unconditional love and compassion are the things which renew humanity, for until humanity has unconditional and unbiased love for all beings, man will not find peace.
“Unconditional love, true love, is without demands, without expactations. It is an ever-flowing fountain of giving. It is a state of being, not only an expression of words and actions.”

Have a Blessed Day and be Renewed in Unconditional Love and Compassion on each and every new day.
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