Codex Sovereign Classic TrueMen - Sovereign Classic TrueMen®: We the Restless Spirit Sovereign Born and Continuously Evolving Sovereign Masculine Species™

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Codex Sovereign Classic TrueMen

Of the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood and Ruled by the Codex Sovereign Genus Humanum, the Codex  Sovereign Classic Truemanhood
The Sovereign Public(Auctoritas) and Personal(Dignitas) Virtues of Sovereign Classic TrueMen
We Sovereign Classic TrueMen, being strong on ourselves, and ruling ourselves,  thus the epitome of Raw Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, need not anything to teach us about, or give validation, to what is in our bones. Our Sovereign Truemanhood is in our bones, for we were created with it and born with it.
Although needing it not, the SOLA’s Codex Sovereign Classic Truemanhood exists to continuously remind us of who we are, for the hyena carnifex torquemada mere-males, honorless and soulless,  and being spawns of religious and cultural self-righteousness, hatefulness, cruelty and bloodthirstiness are always in the hunt, seeking to convert us into honourless mere-maleness, so as to become mindless, and soulless bloodthirsty hyenas like themselves.

At the core of this Sword of Life, of us the Peers (as members of the sovereign masculine species, we Brothers of the Swords of Life are equals, equals in standing and in our Sovereign Classic Truemanhood) is the fellowship, which is based on shared sovereign, sacrosanct and inviolable masculinity, humanity and life.

The equality of the sovereign, sacrosanct and inviolable humanity and the unconditional love and compassion that we have for each, and every single individual human being (yes indeed, our unconditional love and compassion extend even to hyena religious and cultural spawns of hatefulness, cruelty and human hunting and butchering for we have evolved beyond petty things like hate thus we pity them) is in our bones(innate), thus at the very core of our dignitas.

Trumping every religious and cultural doctrine of hyena carnifex humanity of malice, cruelty and bloodthirstiness, to us who are the epitome of sovereign raw masculinity, with our word being iron, the equality, and the sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity and life of each and every individual human being on this earth is not an ideal or choice, but the very Mother Macrocosm Herself (the universe/cosmos), from which everything that was, is and to be will be born.

The Sovereign Life, as we live it (as peers, we Brothers of the Sword of Life live the one life), and as delivered by the Sovereign Classic TrueMen's Company, is governed by that which to us, is the holy of holies: the sovereign, sacrosanct and inviolable humanity and life of a human being,  from which our unconditional love and compassion stems from. Every Sovereign Brother’s dignitas and auctoritas stems and flows from it, and is governed by it. Our very being stems from this holy of holies, thus without it we are no more.

Unlike self-righteous, hyena carnifex mere-males, who are breed not know, we who are offsprings of knowledge, thus wisdom,  continue to live a life that is continuously evolving, as such we walk the never-ending. Simply put, we are performers of tasks.

The Codex Sovereign Classic Truemanhood is the Dignitas of Sovereign Classic TrueMen, meaning that it is, a sovereign man’s personal moral and ethical worthiness, his repute and earned entitlement to respect and suitable treatment by his equals and by history.
It is his personal share of public eminence in his society, nation and humanity, stemming from the quality of his honor(classical), and auctoritas( a sovereign man’s publicly amassed influence (clout) and eminence derived from his individual qualities and attainments)).

The Measure of One's Steel refers to the strength of one’s mind and soul, for Sovereign Classic Truemanhood can't be taught, but can be resurrected if it has gone quiescent, because of hyena carnifex mere-meles religions and traditions of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty, and bloodthirstiness.

Concerning Family, unlike hyena carnifex mere-males of religions and traditions of malice and cruelty,  who disown, butcher, devour (souls of their children and blood family) and sacrifice (to their god(s) whose holy ambrosia is human misery, pain, flesh, blood and souls) we Brothers of the Sword have the foundation of our Family Codex standing upon unconditional love and compassion;  and the sovereignty, sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity of each and every single individual family member and thus every single individual human being.

Because of what our Family Codex is built upon, naturally we are sentient beings of unconditional love and compassion, thus we are  saved from becoming soulless beings of religions and traditions of malice, cruelty and the hunting and butchering of family and fellow human beings in the name of god and tradition.

A Sovereign Classic TrueMan is not religious, but spiritual for of religion is born all evils, hatred and dominion. In his spirituality, the Sovereign Classic TrueMan is governed by unconditional love and compassion, and the sovereignty, the sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity of a human being. This sacrosanctity and unconditional love and compassion as we have said, trump everything, for without it, a Sovereign Classic TrueMan is no more.

The Word of a Sovereign Classic TrueMan is Iron, and is also governed by the sovereignty,  sacrosanctity and inviolability of a human being’s( every single individual human being on this very earth) the humanity.

by Brothers of the Sword of Life( The Codex Sovereign Classic Truemanhood)
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