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Brothers of the Sword of Life & The Fellowship

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According to both the Mgian Codex Sovereign Genus Humanum (the Sovereign Human Family) and the Codex Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, that branch of humanity that is of unconditional love and compassion and the upholding and defending of the sovereignty and sacrosanct of every single individual human is not of fellow but of the fellowship, and that fellowship is based on shared sovereign and sacrosanct humanity & life.

The Mgian Codex Sovereign Genus Humanum is gender, sexual orientation and race neutral because nature is responsible for these and so is the Codex Sovereign Divine Classic Womanhood (real women, them being an incarnation of Mother Universe thus divine and sovereign) and the Codex Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, except that the Codex Sovereign Classic Womanhood is for women and the Codex Sovereign Classic Truemanhood for masculine men thus become gender base but not sexual orientation based.  

It is worth noting that the 3 Codices affirm only monogamous relationships, thus polygamy, open relationships,or any other multiple relationship forms are an absolutely no in the Realm of Sovereign Humanity.
The Sovereign Realm Classic Truemanhood is inhabited by the Sovereign Brothers; Manelvalour Inlustris and Manelvalor Vici incarnated in  their millions either as Ascending Classic TrueMen( ascending to Sovereignty) and Sovereign Classic TrueMen( have attained dual-view spiritual freedom leading to sovereignty and continuous evolution of the psyche/mind/soul).

The fellowship of Manelvalour Inlustris and Manelvalor Vici is based on mutual respect and equality in shared sovereign sacrosanct and inviolable humanity, masculinity( not sexual orientation for Sovereign Classic TrueMen don’t derive their manhood from the bodies of women, and dehumanization and domination of them(women)) and purpose.

Furthermore, this brotherhood is based on shared sacrosanct and sovereign dignitas (a sovereign man’s personal moral and ethical worthiness, his repute and earned entitlement to respect and suitable treatment by his equals and by history. It is his personal share of public eminence in his society, nation and humanity, stemming from the quality of his nobility (classical), and auctoritas( a sovereign man’s publicly amassed influence (clout) and eminence derived from his individual qualities and attainments)).
In their fellowship, the Brothers of the Sword of Life( the Codices Sovereign Genus Humanum and Sovereign Classic Truemanhood) Manelvalour Inlustris and Manelvalor Vici are “ freaks, them being that two perfect fruits from an overlooked and ordinary tree growing just outside the orchard wall. Such men as them cannot be stopped or deflected, they have the heart, the guts, the brains, and the streak of immortality to surmount every last obstacle set in their way by mere-males and life challenges. The Gods (if they exist) love them, and on them, lavish all of Fortune’s bounty. They travel straight, and when they are compelled to walk crookedly, their paths are still straight”.

The Brothers do things with the spirit side of their minds. They are clear sighted and through, blunt and forthright for indeed they have attained dual-view spiritual freedom thus sovereignty and continuous evolution of the mind/soul.

Equals and unified by their shared sovereign and sacrosanct humanity, masculinity, dignitas and valour, the Brothers of the Sword of Life Manelvalor and Manelvalour , are genuine Sovereign Classic TrueMen of the Sovereign Realm Classic Truemanhood.

Of Manelvalour Inlustris, we speak of the Sovereign Classic TrueMan, who living in a world ruled by soulless and hypocritical religious hyena carnifex torquemada mere-males, his valour in holding true all-of humanity, family, friendship, honour, and duty, is renowned, for he has attained dual-view spiritual freedom stemming from his strongness on-self.

In the hands of hyena mere-males, none has and suffers like Manelvalor Vici, for every millionth of a second he is hunted and butchered without a single nano ounce of remorse by soulless hyena mere-males using their institutionalised religious and traditional doctrines of malice, cruelty and blood thirstiness. Of hyena mere-males they derive their reason of being and happiness from their malice, cruelty and the butchering of Manelvalor Vici.

Strong on-self, from the hands of mere-males, Manelvalor endures cruelty beyond measure (and death of the mind, soul and flesh), but because he possesses utter self-belief in all that is him, especially his Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, he is the berserker of last resort, and having attained dual-view spiritual freedom, and ascended to Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, with valour and honour, every million of a second he battles the prejudices and monstrosities of the world of hyena mere-males and by degenerating not to their (mere-males and their mere-maleness) level, he conquers.

Having attained dual-view spiritual freedom, thus sovereign, the Brothers Manelvalour Inlustris and Manelvalor Vici do not suffer any hyena human being either be a monarch, politician, chief or specialist butcher and devourer of souls (priest) to kowtow to or worship as a god. Of hyena mere-males religious and cultural doctrines and rituals of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty, human hunting and butchering and dominion, the Brothers need them not to validate their Sovereign Classic Truemanhood for before they were sired and birthed they were Sovereign Classic TrueMen and shall continue to be after their death which they fear not( they fear not their finality for they triumph over death through mighty tasks they perform(ed).
The Brothers are peers for they are equal in humanity, masculinity (raw and true thus needing no religion and tradition for validation), dignitas and the performing of tasks (mere-males are doers and Sovereign Classic TrueMen are performers of tasks).

Both Brothers being equals strive (will) to be the First Among Equals in the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood, which means like the men of ancient Rome, “ to be the First Man in the Realm of Sovereign TrueMen is not to be the best man, but to be the first among other Sovereign TrueMen who are your equals in humanity, masculinity, dignitas, profession, and opportunity. To be the First Man in the Realm of the Sovereign Masculine Human Species is something far better than kingship, autocracy, despotism, or whatever. The First Man in the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood shall hold to that title by sheer pre-eminence, perpetually aware that the Realm is stuffed with others eager to supplant him, others who could supplant him, legally and bloodlessly, by producing a superior brand of pre-eminence. To be the First Man in the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood is more than whatever professional titles, president, for titles are eventually relinquished and one’s retirement or end of term”.

The Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood is the resident realm of the Strong-On-Selves Sovereign Classic TrueMen and it is for those who have attained dual-view spiritual freedom.

It operates on factual truth, thus definitely not for the weak of mind and soul and the ruled (those who are not strong on themselves thus not sovereign, forever needing to be ruled and judged) for they can’t handle cold hard and bitter truth, for to them myths and lies are better then the cold, hard factual truth.

Having attained dual-view spiritual freedom, means you have freed yourself from the chains of the tolls used by those who use them to legitimise their evils, deriving their reason of being and happiness from the misery, pain and death of their victims.

Under its (the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood) wings, the Brother of the Sword of Life and thereby every member of the human race is given an equal opportunity as His peers to build a future for himself, Soul-mate, Lover of his soul and family with honour and prestige and an opportunity to advance.

Again, the World Of the Fellowship offers members of the Brotherhood and those of humanity who are dehuminized, hunted and butchered by hyena humanity of religions and cultures of dominion, hypocrisy, malice and human hunting and butchering a consciousness of dignity and worth, an equal chance under the Fellowship umbrella to play no mean part in the continuous progress( if there is one) of their countries and humanity at large.

The Brothers strongly believe that if mankind is to endure, this world as ruled by hyena carnifex torquemada weaklings mere-males and females must evolve so that he(mankind) has just laws that uphold and defend the sacrosanctity and inviolability of every single  individual human being, thus giving every individual being an opportunity to be the best He or She can be without the fear of having His or Her mind, soul and flesh butchered and devoured by the majority of humanity who has found it most enjoyable and profitable to sit at the sit of holy judgment of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty and blood, thus playing god of malice, cruelty and the hunting and devouring of humans and their souls, and proclaiming that they know something’s that they know nothing of.

The Fellowship or the  Brotherhood of the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood is based on shared sovereign and sacrosanct humanity, masculinity and dignitas, with shared humanity and that of every single human being on this earth trumping everything. But above all else, in everything the Brothers perform (as Sovereign Classic TrueMen they are performers of tasks), they are guided by unconditional love and compassion and the sacrosanctity of every single human being’s humanity and life.

by Brothers of the Sword of Life
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