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of We the Restless Spirit, Sovereign of the Masculine Species
The Sovereign Classic TrueMen’s Company
Exclusively for those of the human masculine species who have attained dual-view spiritual freedom, sovereignty, and continuous evolution of the mind, and soul, we are an integrated Sovereign Men’s sovereign way of life, lifestyle and entertainment brand , defining, creating and purveying masculine, continuously evolving products and services for the living of the sovereign life and lifestyle through our brands the print-to-order and e-magazines Sovereign Classic TrueMen and Afroverus Banna Classic; menswear and grooming by Sovereign Banna Classic and masculine filmed television entertainment by Channel Originus Sovereign Classic TrueMen.


:the Magazine

Delivers the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood and its Sovereign and Continuously Evolving Way of Life(sovereign traditions, spirituality, dignitas, and family life(innate spiritual fatherhood) & Lifestyle( work, play, and sovereign masculinity fashion and grooming).

The magazine content including among others: The Forum Sovereign Classic TrueMen|Brothers of the Sword| Spirit of Living| Soulamor|OlemDeSoul| Maverik | DUOS GTL|Sovereign Classic Home |Soulamor | Living Well(health & wellness | The TAP|Via Triumphalis | Triumphator| The Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood( the Codex & Sovereign Traditions)| and Hall Sovereign Classic TrueMen.

Being created to deliver the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood on TV and Radio (broadband TV & Radio: open view hours, pay per view, and monthly), Originus Sovereign Classic TrueMen Broadcasting System comprises the broadband TV Channel Originus Classic TrueMen and Originus FM (the radio/audio channel).

Collaboratively, Channel Originus is producing and will only produce reality based TV series such as ( in the pipeline) Sovereign Black Empires( Black Sovereign Claasic TrueMen owned businesses); Mated Souls; Sovereign Families; and Sovereign WolfKings( Sovereign Classic Men who possess the hustling, and individuality mind of wolf and the heart a lion).

Daily programming for both Originus TV and Radio among others include: The Forum Sovereign Classic TrueMen @6AM-12midday and 15H00-18H00(Monday-Friday)|Brothers of the Sword| Spirit of Living| Soulamor|OlemDeSoul| Sovereign Classic Home |Soulamor | Living Well | The TAP|Via Triumphalis | Triumphator| The Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood( the Codex & Sovereign Traditions)| and Hall Sovereign Classic TrueMen.

A Sovereign Classic TrueMen’s Company of contemporary Sovereign Classic True Menswear (contemporary but classic), sovereignly and exclusively dressing men of the Realm Classic Truemanhood.

The brand company Sovereign Banna Classic delivers its product portfolio( encompassing all men’s fashion areas ranging from classic and contemporary clothing, evening and leisurewear to functional sportswear and complementary accessories and grooming products) through Sovereign Banna Classic( part of a whole, expressing his belonging to the realm of Sovereign Classic Truemanhood.and its traditions), and Maverik Sovereign Munna Classic( his sovereign individuality).
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Being Re-Created by the LiX Studios
24 Hospital Street
Newcastle 2940 KZN
Aforika Borwa(South Africa)
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