Sovereign Classic TrueMen®: We the Sovereign Born and Continuously Evolving Sovereign Masculine Restless Spirits™

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LiX Studios Redesigning for the
Sovereign Classic TrueMen’s Company
Sovereign Way of Life , Lifestyle & Entertainment exclusively for the Sovereign Masculine Species
the realm of the sovereign and continuously evolving masculine spirits

from the Universe Leomgmar Sovereign Masculum-Ultimus, this is the Lamborburg Realm of Sovereign Classic Truemanhood which is exclusively for those of the human race masculine species,  who having attained Dual-View Spiritual Freedom and possessing the Psyche whose Evolution is Continuous are Sovereign.


Sovereign Banna Classic is a Sovereign Classic TrueMen’s Company of contemporary Sovereign Classic True Menswear( contemporary but classic) brand whose suit, and casual wear expresses the Sovereign Classic TrueMan’s sovereign individuality (his sovereignty and dignitas personifying  the nobleness of his heart( the heart of a lion), and the mind a hustler( the wolf in him, thus his world, his rules)) and sovereign collectiveness( part of the realm of Sovereign Classic Truemanhood and all its traditions).


comprises the open view,  pay per view and subscription options, with partners, collaboratively, Channel Originus Sovereign Classic TrueMen is producing orginal reality filmed broadband television content for those who have ascended to Sovereign Classic Truemanhood.


As per the LiX Studios counsel, this realm of we the Sovereign and the Sovereign Ultimus Classic TrueMen shall be re-launched in batches, with The Forum Sovereign Classic TrueMen, Spirit of Sovereign Living and Soulamor being the first. These three are the core, the anchor, and the foundation of our realm and the ways of its life of we who have attained dual-view spiritual freedom and walk the never-ending.
The home of Channel Originus Sovereign Classic TrueMen is and will also be launched in sections.

The Codex Sovereign Classic TrueMen and Sovereign Traditions are part of the Spirit of Sovereign Living or Spirit of Living the Sovereign Life.


Indeed, there is nothing more pathetic than a man who is a subject of another man, for based on facts before us, the entire lot (them being of religions and traditions of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty and human hunting and butchering as directed by their god(s) and ancestors) is a butch of hypocritical, small minded, bloodthirsty, soulless riffraff Torquemadas whose faculties thought have been expropriated without compensation.
A real man, is sovereign, ruling himself through spirituality teachings and traditions( that he creates himself) that are based on the sacrosanctity and inviolability of a human being’s humanity and the defending of it( a human being's humanity, defending it against mere-males religions and traditions of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty and blood), unconditional love and compassion, and through the performing of mighty tasks( mere-males, that is, the ruled, are doers of deeds( a deed once done, it is done, thus the doer can’t evolve), while real men are performers of tasks( a task is performed continuously, thus continuous improvement, evolution( mind and soul)), creates his own luck and destiny( creating and directing it), eating the fruits of his mind and sweat.

What is contained in the Codex Sovereign Classic TrueMen and Sovereign Traditions is innate to all Sovereign Classic TrueMen, and is extracted from the Mgian Codex Sovereign Humanum Ultimus governing the universe of those of humanity whose evolution is beyond mere human’s comprehension, and the Realm Sovereign Classic Truemanhood.
Being Re-Created by the LiX Studios
24 Hospital Street
Newcastle 2940 KZN
Aforika Borwa(South Africa)
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